Spiritual Healing :

Spiritual Healing is often confused with 'faith healing' but they are not the same. Whereas with faith healing you have to believe in a faith, with spiritual healing you do not have to believe at all. In fact spiritual healing can take place over vast distances without the person knowing that 'distance healing' is being conveyed. This is usually carried out through the act of prayer and healing thoughts being sent to the person in need of healing.

Hands on healing can only take place when the healer places their hands on the patient who then receives the healing energy from the Divine Source via the Healing Guides through the body of the healer which is transmitted via the hands into the body of the patient. The Healing Guides know where the healing energy is to be directed to and will move the healers hands to place them where healing is needed.

The patient can either sit on a chair or stool and the healer will normally start at the head or shoulders and gradually work their way down the body both sides concentrating on areas where there is pain or discomfort and ending at the feet. This can take between 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, the patient can lay on a portable couch and the healer will work on and around the body again starting at the head and ending at the feet but halfway through the patient will be asked to turn over so that the healer can continue on the back of the body. Healers hands are not laid on any areas of the body that are private or would cause embarrassment to the patient unless the patient specifically requests healing on those areas in which case the patients hand will be placed first below the healers hand.

Healing energy is normally felt by the patient in the form of warmth or a tingling sensation or in rare cases if the healer has a 'cold' guide then a coldness can be felt even though healing is still being received.